Painting is an intuitive process for me. My inspiration comes from all kinds of photos I collect: from my own work, from the internet and from magazines. I then edit these images digitally with Photoshop or make a collage out of them. In doing so I take my time, because in this phase I determine the composition. The scenes I create generally have a spontaneous character. The subjects are not posing, but are caught in the moment. This way I create an image of my own, which I then capture on canvas.

I work mainly with oil paint, because it allows you to work both transparently and opaquely and it is easy to make smooth transitions and blend the colors on the canvas. My paintings are built up of several layers. The colors in the lower layers work together with the next layer. This creates depth in the colors and they seem to become more intense. The powerful use of color is therefore one of the most striking features of my work and creates an estrangement of the image which contributes to my own style.




Editing with Photoshop


End result